A community of engineering leaders who care about people and want to grow and learn together.

A community of engineering leaders who care about people and want to grow and learn together.

Together, we explore how to deliver without burning people out, success in remote and hybrid teams, supporting DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) and more.

💡 About us


The Multitudes Community aims to make the tech industry more welcoming and equitable. We’re bringing together a diverse group of tech leaders from across the world so they can grow and learn from each other, better support people on their teams and inspire the next generation of leaders.

Who it’s for

This community is for engineering leaders (managers, heads/VPs of engineering, and CTOs) who care about people and want to grow and learn together.

We're also open to product leaders, aspiring engineering leaders, and people who work closely with engineering leaders and care deeply about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

All attendees, speakers, volunteers, and organizers at any of our meetups are required to follow our Code of Conduct. Organizers will enforce this code throughout the meetup.

🌱 What does the Multitudes community provide?

Ongoing learning

Our weekly round-ups share interesting readings and action ideas you can put into practice with your team

Attend an event

Meet peers and learn from experts at one of Tech Leader Chats. These events bring in diverse voices to help you deliver better, without burning people out

Influence the roadmap

For those of you that want to try the Multitudes product (not a requirement though!), the community is also a chance to give feedback directly to our team and gain early access to new features

🎟 Recent happenings

Upcoming events

How to cultivate self-belief in the face of challenges with Denali Lumma (Founder at Doubling)

This year’s market contraction has only added to the ongoing challenges that leaders face – how to give tough feedback, how to keep teams motivated while working remotely, how to give upward feedback, and more.

By nature of the role, leadership can sometimes leave leaders without anywhere to turn for positive reinforcement. This can be felt particularly keenly in the face of challenges, such as market contraction or turbulence at organization level. How can one lead authentically in the face of uncertainty? How can a leader fight self-criticism and improve how they feel about themselves, in order to effectively guide their organization?

On this topic, we’ll be hearing from Denali Lumma (Founder at Doubling). Denali has worked with, advised, and supported leaders of companies from startup to scaleup as they navigate challenges. She’ll speak to how leaders can manage self-criticism, and how to create positive change in terms of how the leader feels about themselves, so that they can contribute to positive changes in the organization.

Past events

How to weave Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI) into your leadership with Joy Dixon (Founder & CEO of Mosaic Presence, prev. Senior Manager, Engineering at Salesforce)

We all know that Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion matter – but how can you put them into practice? What does it mean to make them part of how you operate as a leader? Even more importantly: How can you make sure you're hearing the hard truths? And how can you make sure you're learning without putting more work on the people in your team who are from marginalized groups?

To learn how to do this, we'll be hearing from Joy Dixon (Black Venture Institute Fellow, BLCK VC and Founder & CEO, Mosaic Presence; previously a Senior Manager at Salesforce). Joy moved into engineering management in part because of frustration that the JEDI issues she'd faced in her career were still impacting the next generation of developers that she was mentoring. She'll speak to how she put JEDI practices into place at Salesforce and how startups can take action, even with the limited time and resources that early-stage companies have.

How to support junior developers to thrive with Elise Wei (Practice Lead at Dev Academy, prev. People Lead and Senior Engineer at Xero)

We all know that there’s a shortage of developers and that it's good to support the next generation of developers by hiring juniors. Equally, we might have some questions (or even some worries) about what it takes to support a junior developer.

Elise shared original research from Dev Academy Aotearoa about onboarding junior developers, and what an organisation can do to be in a good position to support a junior developer. She also shared some practical tips for how you can do that in your team – without adding too much to your workload.

🤝 Our community values

Share the power

We’re deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and this is weaved into the fabric of the Multitudes community. This focus on DEI is reflected in who joins the community, the events we host and how we communicate with each other. We intentionally amplify diverse voices and seek to empower marginalised groups.

Be kind and open-minded

We embrace vulnerability and make space for open and honest conversations. We are respectful of the experience and perspectives of others in the community. We know that learning is a lifelong process, have the humility to admit when we get things wrong and accept when our biases are called out.

See and shape the system

We recognise the systems we work in are often unfair, and want to help create truly equitable workplaces and self-aware leaders. We make time to advocate for change within our company, across the tech industry and in our wider communities.

It takes a village

We strive to be supportive of people across our community. We know that change can be hard, and lifting others up is the best way to grow. We make space for people to share learnings across the tech sector!  🌱

Any ideas on events we should host? Let us know at community@multitudes.co.


Do you want to join a community of engineering leaders who care about delivering well without burning people out? We welcome you!